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Enables designers to evaluate key connectivity features of the iCE40 UltraPlus FPGA.

Rapid prototyping of user functions

The exposed I/Os allow users to quickly implement solutions and confirm the design works as expected.
Compatible with the most common camera interfaces, ArduCam CSI and PMOD.

Effortless connectivity and simple programming

Lattice Diamond Programmer software can be used to reprogram the on-board SPI Flash with your customized code.
The iCEcube2 software can be used to develop your own design. Both Lattice Diamond Programmer and iCEcube2
are available for free download.

  • iCE40 UltraPlus (iCE40UP5K) device in SG48 package

  • 3 LED users for RGB LED applications

  • Red Led Power on and Blue Led Programming Done

  • 8Mb Spi programmable Flash

  • 1Mb SRAM 20MHz

  • Pmod connector

  • 2 ArduCam m/s connectors allows multiple boards connection

  • Csi 24pins Connector

  • Pre-loaded RGB demo application

  • Pre-loaded Bootloader for easy way programming through USB cable

  • 50mmx50mm size Board

Kit contents
  • iCEVision board

  • Jumpers

  • USB-A to USB-B (Micro)



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