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dPipeline HD H264

on Tuesday, 17 July 2012. Posted in Fpga

dPipeline HD H264

dPipeline HD H264

Soluzioni per processamento e analisi di immagini su FPGA

on Tuesday, 17 July 2012. Posted in Fpga

Giovedì 28 Giugno ore 09:00 - Consorzio T3LAB Bologna

Soluzioni per processamento e analisi di immagini su FPGA

Il seminario tratterà in dettaglio alcune novità tecnologiche nel mercato “Imaging”. Gli attuali sistemi di video processing industriale impongono numerose e stringenti limitazioni nella scelta delle tipologie di rete e di interconnessione, con un impatto decisivo sui costi e sulle performance richieste ai sistemi di calcolo impiegati.

Lens controller RS232

on Wednesday, 13 April 2011.

Boxed tiny controller for single ring motors

Technical features:

  • Able to control 5 or 12V - DC motor
  • Variable speed thru high speed PWM>
  • Updatable firmware
  • RS-232 up to 115200 bps speed
  • Free software supplied (.NET framework required)


on Tuesday, 12 April 2011. Posted in Fpga

Live demo at ARTEMIS JU hosted review



On last March 29th 2011, in Brussels at ARTEMIS JU Headquarters, the final review of the SCALOPES project has taken place.

The SPEAr platform by STMicroelectronics played a central role in the wide range of demonstrators presented to the audience, especially in the WPA2 Surveillance domain of application, lead by DPControl.

dPipeline on SPEAr Plus 600 @ SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010

on Friday, 03 December 2010. Posted in Arm, Fpga, Embedded devices

Streaming live video at exhibition

DPControl staff was present at last SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, occurred on last November 23rd to 25th. Hosted at STMicroelectronics's booth, the most recent developments about H.264 efficient encoding on the SPEAr600 platform have been shown.

The demo collected many positive opinions by experts visitors during the showcase. Further outcomes from ARTEMIS SCALOPES project will be shown in upcoming events.

Some stats from MESAGO staff:

SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010: Highest hopes exceeded - more than 52,000 came

52,028 trade visitors poured into SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010 in Nuremberg and chose this exhibition as their highlight of the year for the electric automation industry


on Thursday, 04 November 2010. Posted in Fpga

Co-summit 2010 - 26 / 27 October 2010, Ghent, Belgium


On 26-27 October, the ITEA and ARTEMIS Co-summit 2010 will be held in Ghent, Belgium. It is the third time that ITEA 2 and ARTEMIS co-organise this event, expecting over 600 participants from industry, academia, public authorities and press